Building material - Induction of common ceiling materials and installation

Ceiling is not often used and touched unlike floor and wallpanel, but it is very important in residential house . The vision of people often touch it more, so the shape and material of ceiling directly affects the spatial effect. At present, in the market the main ceiling materials are gypsum board, wood board , glass, metal, PVC board and Eco- wood.

Gypsum plasterboard takes building gypsum as main raw material, adding additives and fiber, using special plasterboard for protection, which is a board made of processing. Gypsum plaster board has the advantages of light weight, sound insulation, heat insulation, not easy to deformation, processing performance, convenient construction. As the resource of our gypsum is rich , low price, which makes the gypsum board to be a material instead of wood, especially suitable for the use of decoration in house. In addition,  it has features of dyeing color painting the walls and paper on surface , therefore it becomes the main material of ceiling .Apart from using for ceiling, gypsum board is also a good material for partition and obstruction.

Currently the main specifications of gypsum board on the market is 1220mm × 3000mm, 1220mm × 2440mm. In selection of gypsum board, we check by visualization, it shall not be corrugated, grooves, dirt and scratches, there should not be bare between protective paper and gypsum board, Buyers should ask for test report to verify.

PVC plastic board, organic glass, frosted glass, plates and other commonly are used for kitchen and bathroom, the shortcomings are easy to aging, not easy to clean, single color and poor decoration. General specifications for PVC board: width 20-30cm, length: 300~400cm. General specification of mineral wool board is 400mm × 400mm, 500mm × 500mm, 600mm × 600mm and so on.

Metal (aluminum gusset) ceiling is popular in recent years, it has become the new darling of the kitchen ceiling. Comparing with traditional material, metal ceiling has advantages of virous color, strong dimensional sense, good decoration effect, it can form a coordinated effect with other decorative material such as tile, marble and so on.. Metal ceiling has features of fireproof, waterproof, light weight, high strength, not easy to aging, convenient installation, good sound-absorbing, sound insulation performance, and the fume cleaning convenience, long life, not easy to deformation.

The above we talk is ceiling material, is the main material. In ceiling materials the accessories are keels .Keels mainly have wood keel, light steel keel, aluminum keel and so on. keel is the basic skeleton structure for ceiling , used for supporting and fixing and connecting ceiling decorative material, and connecting the roof or the upper floor. Traditional keel mainly uses wood material. The disadvantage is the less strength, not fire retardant, easy to mildew. Steel keel is a new material, it has the advantages of light weight, high hardness, fire and good seismic performance, convenient processing and installation.