Low carbon city development is the key of solving the climate change problem

Climate change is the great global issues which concerned by the international community. With the hold of the Copenhagen climate-change summit, Human start to aware of the climate change not only just the climate issues, but also the Economic and political. For reaching the goal of reducing greenhouse gas, achieving the low carbon development, city play a key role. In china, there is about 85% carbon dioxide from city. With the faster  development of China's urbanization and industrializationand this ratiowill be increase.  So low carbon city development is the key of solving the climate change problem, For achieving the low carbon development in city, there are six main aspects as below:

Industry is the foundation and pillar of the city development, It also is the Fundamental guarantee for changing the economic growth mode and achieving the low carbon development to adjust ,optimize and upgrade of the industrial structure.  According to the principle which high technical intensive degree, high  product added -value and low energy consumption, low water consumption ,low blowdown, the second industry need to be promoted "highly", the high and new technology industry, the renewable resources and  the environmental protection industry need to be developed vigorously , the proportion of the tertiary industry increased.

Improving energy utilization efficiency is the best way to slove the peoblem of climate change and the security of energy supply. enhancing the efficiency of energy utilization not only can achieve good economic benefits, but also can good at ecological social effect. The backward technology and equipment need to transformed and update for the establishment of the energy market mechanism. At the same time, the new energy and Renewable energy sources should be instead of coal as the main energy structure .

Establishing the efficient transport system. Transport system is one of the basic economic Industrial Sectors.  It is not only the Logistics and passenger flow link, but also the large oil customers. Therefore, it is necessary to implement the compact urban spatial planning, in order to reduce the traffic demand; Giving priority to the development of urban public transport, and construct the rational traffic structure; Promoting urban rail transit construction to the development strategies of bus rapid transit. 

Developing green and environmentally friendly construction. 

Construction is one of the main resources of greenhouse gas, which takes an important role in weather changes. What green construction sparkplugs is to save energy, land, water, material and to protect environment. It is not only a strong drive to energy saving of construction, an important carrier to lead the development of construction technique, but also a vital measure to adjust construction industry structure, to improve people’s living standard and to boost building two-oriented society.

Changing people’s living and consuming idea from extravagant consumption mode to economical one. It is one of the best ways to reduce the release of greenhouse gas. Therefore, people should not only change their living mode of high level consumption and high waste. But also propose rational consumption and green living mode and promote the innovation of household techniques. 

Innovate and develop low-carbon technology. It is a core to achieve the low-carbon development and a key to upgrade core competitiveness. On the one hand, mature technologies from developed countries can be introduced with clean development mechanism (CDM). On the other hand, more benefits of low-carbon technique can be tackled in short term and in especial, the energy consumption general technology of heavy chemical industry can be lessened by original and integrated innovation.